Bird Fest Art Exhibition

Chickadee in Blue by Mia Mickelson

Bird Fest Art Exhibition
Pacific Northwest Birds and their Habitats
April 27 to May 19, 2018
Snowy Owl Theater at Icicle Creek Center for the Arts

Visiting Hours: Wednesday-Friday 1-5pm
Thursday, May 17, 5 to 7PM, Snowy Owl Theater

Selected Artists:
Lori Aylesworth, Kathryn Beekman, Lindsay Beidenthal, Adele Caemmerer, Gretchen Daiber, Patti Erikson, Salyna Gracie, Nate Heinle, Mia Mickelson, Heather Murphy, Cynthia Neely, Ashley Sinner, Lee Walker, Amber Zimmerman

In collaboration with the Wenatchee River Institute and the 2018 Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest, Icicle Creek Center for the Arts  invites you to the Annual Bird Fest Exhibition, “Pacific Northwest Birds and their Habitats.” This juried exhibition serves as an opportunity for a diverse range of artists in North Central Washington to display their work in Snowy Owl Theater during the celebrated 2018 Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest.