Our Members

Thank you to all who make the work of Icicle Creek Center for the Arts possible!
*indicates a Charter Member

Founders Circle ($1,000 and above)

John Agnew and Patty Hebert*
Mark and Katie Anderson
Gigi Coe and Mike Garland
Mark and Becky Curtis
Christina Dahl and Rick Stout
Calisle Dean*
Dan and Laurie DeYoung
Anne Dorman and Annette Tracy
Theresa Druzak*
Andrew and Stacy Erisman

Bob and Marty Fallon*
Josh and Janet Frank*
Sarah Fuller-Lessard
Paul Haase*
Tim and Christi Jenkins
Mark Jennings and Rosemary Zook
Menna Family
Donald and Linda Miller
Anna Milner
Patrick and Heather Murphy*
Walter and Caitilin Newman
Wenda and James O’Reilly*

John and Beckie Peterson*
Sandra Phenning, Life and Weight Loss Coach*
Julie and Jim Pruitt*
David Severance
Mimi and Chris Stahler*
Kris and Greg Taylor
Steve White
Bruce Williams and Gro Buer*
Kathy Woods
Weiss Family

Producers Circle ($500-$999)

Susan and Paul Ballinger
Brian and Mara Bohman
Mall and Tom Boyd*
Stephen Druzak
Laurie Griffith
Buford and Valla Howell*

Kirk and Andrea Hudson
Robin and Dave Judd
Harold and Cecelia Kafer
Margaret Mansfield
Lisa Frenkel and Jim Mullins
Emely Phelps

Andrea Prentice
Mercy Rome and Canuche Terranella
Gregory and Mary Steeber
Pat and Rick Thirlby*
Anonymous (1)

Conductors Circle ($250-$499)

Curt and Lorraine Anastasio
Bill and Sally Bauer*
Susan and John Butruille*
Diane Carson*
Jim and Rachel Clifton
Tim and Melanie Cox
Frank and Harriett Dechaine
Keegan and Krysten Furfaro
Doug Gann and Susan Plummer
Cappy Bond and Price Gledhill

Ellen Guisfredi
Jay and Trudi Inslee
Bill Jenkins*
Lola Kemp
Ken Kohnhorst
Neil and Nancy McReynolds*
David and Mary Minsk
Brian Bourgeois and Sara Norris
Lisa Osse
Vic and Louise Rasmussen*
Gretchen Rohde and Michael Patterson

Louise Simons
Jennifer and Brenden Smith*
Jean and Russ Speidel*
John and Kaye Squires*
Richard Summerhays
Duane and Jan Swinton*
Judy and Strode Weaver
Clifford Webster

Patrons Circle( $99-$249)

Alison Allen
Tom and Jackie Andrewjeski
LaVerna Armintrout
Sarah and Chris Banks*
Thomas and Patricia Baranouskas
Albie Beannacht
John Beltz
Lisa Bergman and David Fluharty*
Annette Bjorklund
Patricia Bosket
Tracy Bowerman
Nina Bray
Holly Breeden
Deborah Briggs
Natalie Briody
Scot Brower
Christopher and Elizabeth Burns
Kathryn Canty
Kurt Carlson and Rhona Baron*
Chris Clark*
Luanne Collier
Michele Church
Katie Fallon
Carl Florea
Gerald Gibbons*
Marlene Glover
Chloe Green
Kami Grove
Peter C Haase*

Patti and Loren Haskins
Jenny Hayes
Robert Hartl*
Beverly Heckart
Jane Hensel*
Matt Hopkins
Jamie and Nena Howell*
Dan and Sally Jackson*
Ross Jones
Nathaniel Joy
Pauline and Byron Kato*
Kristin and Steve Keene*
Rene Klein
Larry and Nancy Leach*
Jane and Alvin Lee
Marianne and Jim LoGerfo*
Gregory Mackey
Mary and Gary Mailloux*
Mano Family
David and Pamela McDonald
Patti McGaughey
Maggie and Greg McGuire
Stephanie and Charles McIntyre
John and Melanie McQuaig*
Laurelie Mingo
Steve Moore and Jan Demorest
Laura and Michael Mrachek
Mahala A Murphy-Martin
Mary Pekich

Lauren and Ross Peterson
Dale and Betsy Phelps
Deb and Dennis Pobst
Roubina Poochikian
Drs. Vicken Poochikian and Irene Roth
Derek Portolese
Tina and Dick Rieman*
Nita Rinehart*
Dianne Riter and Richard Hill
Craig Root and Robin Boal*
Linda Sarratt
Mary Scheibler*
Marta Schmitt
Jennifer Schwegler
Susan L. Shepherd
Louse Simons*
Kirvil Skinnarland*
Suzanne Skvarek
Karen and Richard Smith
Tom and Kathy Smithson
Suzanne A. Sorom
Janet Stanley
Ben Thomas
Christie Turnbull
Monty and Karen Turner
Monica Valentine and David Ramsey
Hugh and Robin Watson
Ellen Weaver
Ken and Jan Yalowitz
Anonymous (4)

Friends of Icicle Creek ($49 - $98)

Joan Alway*
Doug Baarson
Vince Badagnani
Erin Banasik
Steven Bialer
Marsha Blitzer
Susanne Brell-Bartz
Linda Brimacombe
Miriam Burbach
Pamela Camp
Reed and Amy Carlson
Linda Channel
Ellie Chikkaraju
Marina Covey
Ron Dahl
Barbara DeMaris
Richard and Dani Dickson*
Cynthia Dominguez
Denise Dunstan
Rick and Wendy Edwards*
Vicki Elmer
Brittiny Epperson
Adele Erbeck
Kathryn Etherington
Robert Ewing
Lorene Farrar
Leland Fischer
Mickey Fleming
James Fletcher
Willis and Michele Flood
Carol Forhan
Dave Gallatin

Bill and Denise Glover
Nancy Gradwohl
David Greene
Luke Groen
Molly Hemler
Beverly Hoyt
Brice and Ruth Hull
Kara Hunnicutt
Janet Janes Wolf
Werner Janssen
Carol Kasper
Robert Keller
Gene Kinder
John Lahd
Stephen Lanphier
Stephen Lewis*
Mary Logan
Pamela Mathues
Frederick Matsen
Grace C McKay
Philip Leatherman and Jeanne Miller
Yuna Min
Kenneth Morgan
Jessica Moser
Carolyn Murray
Theresa L. Ogan
Ron Ohlsen
Jeff and Chris Parsons
Heriberto Petschek
Nancy Piotter
Brian Praye
Mark Raney

Patrick Raney
Nancy and Dick Robblee
Barbara Rossing
Jill Ryan
Todd Schaefer
Katherine Johnston Schettler
Barbara and Rollie Schmitten*
Georgina Schwinkendorf
Charles Sell
Mary Shank
Sue Simmons
Anna Singh Deo
Jeff Smith
Jana Sparks*
Karen Strom*
Amber Tande
Brenda Taylor
Bill Tenneson
Debbie Terwilleger
Sherry Thompson
Ken and Susan Trimpe*
Monica Twitchell
Deb Wadkins
Kathryn Hamilton Wang
Scout Watanabe
Kristine White
Beverly Winegardner
Elizabeth Wise
Ellen Zoffel
Anonymous (5)


Corporate Conductors $1000

Corporate Patrons $500

Corporate Friends $250

Non-Profit / Institutional $100

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