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Thank you to all who make the work of Icicle Creek Center for the Arts possible!
*indicates a Charter Member

Virtuoso Circle ($10,000 and above)

Mark Jennings and Rosemary Zook
Chris Stahler*

Charles Alan Whittemore*
Anonymous (1)

Founder's Circle ($5000 to $9999)

Calisle Dean*
Jim and Julie Pruitt*

Mercy Rome and Canuche Terranella
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stabolepszy
Kathy Woods*

Producer's Circle ($2500 to $4999)

Jena and Ben Edwards
Chuck and Candace Egner*
Laurie Griffith
Sarah Fuller-Lessard

Diane Huntsinger-Carson and Hans Weirich
Bob and Amy Maher
Donna Waidtlow

Director's Circle ($1000 to $2499)

John Agnew and Patty Hebert*
Mall Boyd*
Stephen Clifton and Hannah Kwon
Christina Dahl and Richard Stout
Theresa Druzak*
Marty and Bob Fallon*
Cindy and Larry Fluke
Fredrick Guimond and Carol Kasper
Robert Hartl*
Buford and Valla Howell*
Kirk and Andrea Hudson

Ken Hunnicutt*
Leah and Hans Juhle
Mara Merritt and Adam Miller
Paul and Druska Milan
Abra and Timm Miller
Donald and Linda Miller*
Anna Milner
Heather and Patrick Murphy*
Mustache Unicorn Fund
Tim Newman and Michael Shadow
John and Beckie Peterson*

Celeste and Kurt Peterson
Tom and Cheryl Phillips
Geoffrey Prentiss
Nick Stemm and Nancy Denson
Kris and Greg Taylor
Monty and Karen Turner
Catherine and Dan Weatbrook
Juli and Larry Weiss
Bruce Williams and Gro Buer*
Scott and Jenny Wyatt
Anonymous (2)

Conductor's Circle ($500 to $999)

Kam Au
Susan and Paul Ballinger
Lisa Bergman and David Fluharty*
Patti and Vince Bosket
Greg Brooks
Lisa Cleveland and Scot Brower
Bob Bugert and Carolyn Griffin-Bugert*
Susan and John Butruille*
Stephen Druzak
Lisa Frenkel and Jim Mullins
Gina and John Groen

Mike and Cindy Hendricks
Jamie and Nena Howell*
Robin and Dave Judd*
Kristin and Steve Keene
Robert and Shannon Keller
Kay Lisch
Rachel Lundgren
Patti McGaughey
Neil and Nancy McReynolds*
James Mitsuyasu
Lisa and Jim Osse

Tracy and Jenny Owen
Jeffrey and Rebekka Palmer
Emely Phelps
Bonnie Reddick
Mary Shank
Karen and Richard Smith
Greg and Mary Steeber
Cindy Swenson
Pat and Rick Thirlby*
Christine and Tim Walsh
Mark Weick and Carole Ann Borshard*

Patron's Circle ($250 to $499)

Katie and Mark Anderson
Mary Pat and Moriah Barton
Bill and Sally Bauer*
Heather and Ole Bore
Brian Bourgeois and Sara Norris
Dennis and Kim Broughton
Pam and Oliver Brulotte
Melanie and Timothy Cox
Mark and Becky Curtis
Kevin and Marlene Farrell
Margarete Ford
Josh and Janet Frank*
Doug Gann and Susan Plummer
Ellen Guisfredi

Paul Haase*
Deborah and Bill Hartl*
Joshua and Heidi Hill
Deborah Kinerk and Anthony Catrick
Ken Kohnhorst
Erin Kodicek
Lori Ksander and Tom Dillon
Jane and Alvin Lee
Hank and Stephanie Manriquez
Claire Min-Venditti
Christine and David Morgan
Walter and Caitlin Newman
Frances Norman

Margaret Ostling
Vic and Louise Rasmussen*
Paul and Liz Rawlins
Mary Scheibler*
Austin Schlichting
Jennifer and Brenden Smith
Kathy and Tom Smithson
John and Kaye Squires
Brook and Bill Stout
Susan and Ken Trimpe*
Judy and Strode Weaver
Joella Werlin*
Gretchen Woods
Anonymous (3)

Hobnobbers ($100 to $249)

Tony Angell and Elizabeth Rolfe
Lynn Armstrong
Sarah and Christopher Banks*
Tammy Barnes
Stacey Barnhill and Alex Schmidt*
Rhona Baron and Kurt Carlson
John Beltz
Jeffrey Bishop
Janeane and Lyman Boyd
Sue Briggs
Amy Brinkman
Natalie Briody
Tracy Brulotte*
Elizabeth and Christopher Burns
Amy and Reed Carlson
Robert and Linda Claeson
Chris Clark*
Theresa and Richard D-Litzenberger
Lizzie Dorfman and Scott Heimendinger
Doug and Kathryn Drew
Ruth Drewniany*
Virginia and Martin Ernster
Katie Fallon
Keith and Sally Fast
Gerald Gibbons*
Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas
Michael Hatmaker
Ben and Carol Hawes
Carol Holding
Mary and Dick Holm

Katie Holmes
Nathaniel Hough-Snee and Lexine Long
Beverley Hoyt
Gina and Ted Jenneskens
Peter and Megan Kappler
Byron and Pauline Kato*
Ann Keebler
Lola Kemp
Keith and Jamie Krejci
Vandana Kumbla
Larry and Nancy Leach*
James and Marianne LoGerfo
Mike Lynch and Deborah Carlson
Tom and Lizanne Maeda
Mary and Gary Mailloux*
James and Janet Mano
Terry and Connie McCauley
Kathy and Clarence McMillan
John and Melanie McQuaig*
Bonnie Messenger-Dodge
Laurelie Mingo
Will Moonie and Marcy Whitcombe
Jack and Brandi Mynatt
Wade and Kathi Nash
Margaret Neighbors*
Pamela and RD Nelle
MaryCarol Nelson
Theresa Ogan
Wenda and James O’Reilly*

Diane Patterson*
Mary Lee Picatti
Estate of Andrea Prentice
Jeff and Susan Renner
Paul and Renee Resler
Dick and Tina Rieman
Suanne Robbins
Anna Sandberg
Linda Sarratt
Barbara and Rollie Schmitten*
Al Schuster and Sandy Lewis-Schuster
Suzanne Scollon
Louise Simons and John Ryan*
Kirvil Skinnarland and Alan Hunt*
Peter Spiegel and Marcy Ostrom
Richard Summerhays
Dr Heidi Summers
Duane and Jan Swinton*
Mark Terranella and Lucy Petrucelli
Holly Thorpe
Frank and Charlene Valentino
Cathy and Hank Vejvoda
Oleksandr Vertypolokh
Matt Vieyra
Beverly Ward
Ann Welz
Jeff and Dana Wilson
Jimi and George Wilson
Ellen and Mark Zoffel
Anonymous (3)

Friends of Icicle Creek ($50 to $99)

Vincent Badagnani
Thomas and Patricia Baranouskas
Martin and Tina Barron
Kathleen Beil
Benjamin Black
Mara and Brian Bohman*
Matt and Carol Cade
Adele and Michael Caemmerer*
Megan Cleary
Ron Dahl
Cherrie Druffel
Tom and Martha DuHamel
JoAnne Eriksen
Mary Ersek
Lisa Farin
Lorene Farrar
Bridget Farrell and Paul Shotwell
Carl and Debbie Florea
Kathleen Garrido
Sara Gregory

Karen and Gaylord Haas
Patti and Loren Haskins
Craig Hawkins
Helen Hsu
Megan Kelley
Peter and Andrea Keyser
John Lahd
Stephen and Susan Lewis
Cynthia Linam
Lori Lindell
Sara and Lee Lippert
Mandy Maxwell and Bill Riedel
Lucas McMaster
Lindsey Melton
Zach and Nancy Missal
Kevin Molander
Kenneth Morgan
Belinda Moutray
Annette and Pete Mueller

Dave Parker
Elena and Aaron Payne
Shanna Peek
Chris Rader*
Lynn Rose
Dallas Saffel
Rohit Shastry
Susan Shepherd
Maggie Smelser and Nicholas Taylor
Lori Smits
Rebeccah Stone
Emilia Sweeney
Lisa Therrell and Rick Haydon
Dean Timboe
Tammy Waitas Schmalle
Sherry Thompson
Katka Weinfurt
Melissa Works
Lin and Shuo Yang
Anonymous (3)


Corporate Conductor's Circle $2500


Corporate Patron's Circle $1000


Corporate Hobnobbers $500

Leavenworth Dental
Cordell Neher & Co

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