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Thank you to all who make the work of Icicle Creek Center for the Arts possible!
Donations June 2023-March 2024
*indicates a Charter Member

Virtuoso Circle ($10,000 and above)

Mark Jennings and Rosemary Zook

Founder's Circle ($5000 to $9999)

Mercy Rome and Canuche Terranella
Kathy Woods*

Producer's Circle ($2500 to $4999)

Calisle Dean*
Sarah Fuller-Lessard

Jim and Julie Pruitt*
Donna Waidtlow

Director's Circle ($1000 to $2499)

Gigi Coe and Michael Garland
Mark and Becky Curtis
Laurie Griffith
Paul Haase*
Robert Hartl*

Suzanne Helgerson
Kirk and Andrea Hudson
Tim and Christi Jenkins*
Lean and Hans Jule
Anna Milner

John and Beckie Peterson*
Geoffrey Prentiss
Monty and Karen Turner
Juli and Larry Weiss
Bruce Williams and Gro Buer*

Conductor's Circle ($500 to $999)

Pam and Oliver Brulotte
Susan and John Butruille*
Christina Dahl and Richard Stout
Stephen Druzak
Theresa Druzak*

Marty and Bob Fallon*
Margarete and Loren Ford
Robin and Dave Judd*
Tracy and Jenny Owen

Chuck and Annette Robinson
Chris Stahler*
Greg and Mary Steeber
Pat and Rick Thirlby*

Patron's Circle ($250 to $499)

Ellen Beardsley and Jim Menna
Jeff Black
Heather and Ole Bore
Janeane and Lyman Boyd
Bill and Judy Bridges
Tim and Melanie Cox
Frank and Harriett Dechaine
George and Nancy Dunn
Katie Fallon

Josh and Janet Frank*
Doug Gann and Susan Plummer
Luke and Sydney Groen*
Ellen Guisfredi
Ken Hunnicutt*
Bob and Shannon Keller
Lori Ksander and Thomas Dillon
Neil and Nancy McReynolds*
James Mitsuyasu

Ostling Jewelry Design
Bonnie Reddick
Mary Scheibler*
Austin Schlichting
Brook and Bill Stout
James Stratton
Tim and Christine Walsh
Judy and Strode Weaver

Hobnobbers ($100 to $249)

Tammy Barnes
Martin and Tina Barron
Bill and Sally Bauer*
John Beltz
Tiffany Brine and Bill Davies*
Bob Bugert and Carolyn Griffin-Bugert*
Matt and Carol Cade
Pamela Camp
Kurt Carlson and Rhona Baron*
Charles Chesney in memory of Andrea Prentice
Skip and Linda Claeson
Chris Clark*
Megan Cleary
Mary Dardanis
Theresa and Richard D-Litzenberger
Roy and Carol Draggoo
Doug and Kathryn Drew
JoAnne Eriksen
Keith and Sally Fast
Denise Figlewicz
Carl and Debbie Florea
Janet and Bob Frey

Cynthia and Javier Garza
Gerald Gibbons*
Joshua and Heidi Hill
Mary and Dick Holm
Beverley Hoyt
Bill Jenkins*
Nancy and Jack Kalionzes*
Lola Kemp
Larry and Nancy Leach*
Jane Lee
Nancy Lindskog
James and Marianne LoGerfo*
Sharon and Greg Lunz*
Deborah Carlson and Mike Lynch
Robert Joseph Maher
Mary and Gary Mailloux*
Marge Mansfield
Patti McGaughey
Laurelie Mingo
Jack and Brandi Mynatt
Theresa L. Ogan

Randy and Sandy Olson
Marcia Ostrom and Peter Spiegel*
Diane Patterson and David Stoller*
Alesha Perrin
Vic and Louise Rasmussen*
Tina and Dick Rieman*
Gerard Schellenberg
John and Mary Schramm*
John Ryan and Louise Simons*
Karen and Richard Smith
Galen and Jeb Sorom
Richard Summerhays
Duane and Jan Swinton*
Mark Terranella and Lucy Petrucelli
Diana Trotter
Monica and Travis Watson
Catherine and Dan Weatbrook
Jimi and George Wilson
Jan and Ken Yalowitz
David Yanacek
Anonymous (3)

Friends of Icicle Creek ($50 to $99)

Mogens and Mary Catherine Bach
Sarah and Christopher Banks*
Thomas and Patricia Baranouskas
Shelley Black
Carolyn Blair
Kathy Bloss
Scot Brower and Lisa Cleveland
Lucinda Bumps
Angie Canniff
Betty L. Chavez
Rachel and James
Gary and Claudia Cockerham*
Ron Dahl
Chuck and Candace Egner*
Mary Ersek

Paul Gustie
Helen Hsu
Dale Kiesx
Stephen and Susan Lewis*
Lori Lindell
Marty and Kathie Lindemann
Janet Mano
Lyn McCoy
Lucas McMaster
Susan McWilliams
Kenneth Morgan
Angela Morris
Michele Mottaz
Annette and Pete Mueller

David and Adele Erbeck
Shanna Peek
Pat and Robert Plumb
Paul and Liz Rawlins
Caroline Rensel
Lynn Rose
Debby Shea Anderson
Susan L. Shepherd
Sue Shuer and Michael Cooper
Scott and Lisa Stroming*
Marcela Touskova
Monica and Matt Twitchell
Tamara Wells
Anonymous (2)


Corporate Conductor's Circle $2500


Corporate Patron's Circle $1000

Corporate Hobnobbers $500

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