Visiting Artist Series

Directly connecting touring professionals with students of all ages for spectacular and inspiring learning experiences.

Inspiring the next generation of creators

The Icicle Creek Visiting Artist Series brings in performing artists from around the Pacific Northwest and beyond who both teach and demonstrate their creative processes in the classroom and through performance. Artists travel directly to schools to meet, perform for and work with students during the week or teach a workshop at Icicle Creek and then cap off their visit with a full concert at Icicle Creek’s Snowy Owl Theater.

2023-2024 Artists:

  • A Night in Paris (workshops)
  • John Reischman & the Jaybirds
  • Cascada de Flores
  • TAKE3
  • Quarteto Nuevo
  • Las Cafeteras

Past Artists:

  • Robbie Schaefer
  • Mandy Harvey
  • Emily Bear
  • Jayme Stone
  • Quartet San Francisco &
    Alex De Grassi
  • Flying Karamazov Brothers &
    New Old Time Chautauqua
  • Gary Stroutsos
  • Alice DiMicele
  • Eric and Encarnacion
  • The Interfaith Amigos
  • Jeffrey Foucault
  • Gretchen Yanover
  • Andre Feriante
  • Srivani Jade Ensemble
  • Indigenous Enterprise
  • Miles Hodges
  • Carrie Newcomer
  • Black Umfolosi
  • RighteousGirls
  • Keith Terry & Body Music
  • David Allen Sibley
  • Chris Morgan
  • Billy McLaughlin
  • Dar Williams
  • Justin Kauflin
  • Soulsha
  • Alchemy Tap Project
  • Kairos

The Visiting Artist Series is suitable for all school grades and across a variety of subjects, including the performing arts, visual arts, English, humanities and even physical education. The series aims to:

  • Introduce skills that are part of the process of artists within their given profession, and to do so in an active participatory way that inspires students to extend those skills into their own lives.
  • Provide an opportunity for students to see professional performers in their processes, to learn what is unique to that performer and what is consistent among performers, and to see how that process yields a product.
  • Inspire students to see that they are artistic and that cultivating the arts in their lives will increase their empathy for others, powers of observation, and understanding of the world.
  • Show that imagination belongs in every sphere of life and that experiences in the arts intrinsically leads to fuller lives.
  • Demystify the professional artist in the performing arts, thereby making that life more accessible to students.

Artists are scheduled in a way that reaches as many students as possible across a broad range of grade levels throughout the valley.

For more information or to book an artist for your school, contact:  alex@icicle.org.