Sonny Ramsey



Sonny Ramsey has a graduate degree from university of Miami and masters degree from the academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy.

Sonny has many years of experience doing stained glass work for homes and churches, including the Catholic Church on Wheeler Street in Leavenworth and hospital chapel in Quincy, Wa.

I guess I am inspired by all things natural….flowers plus animals including birds and cats! Love painting all animals and inspiration comes from the natural world of color!

If you would like to visit my studio, you are certainly welcome….please call for an appointment.

What inspires you? 

What art does for me is an expression of who I am….all my life! Being a glass artist and a painter gives me true feelings of worth. I studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy for a year and lived with a wonderful Italian family that taught me love of the classical form and the love of Italian cooking, and way of life. My inspiration comes from the flowers, the animals, the plants….all that surround us in our daily lives! Art is important in that it makes things permanent for us to enjoy and remember for the rest of our days. It is amazing to help us get through this Covid19 pandemic !!!

What is your favorite art medium?  

Acrylic painting and stained glass