Ashley Sinner

Ashley Sinner grew up along Oregon’s Umatilla River, where she developed a keen eye for the water’s bewitching wildlife. She took her first art classes at Eastern Oregon University where she earned her BA in Business Administration in 2005.

She began painting in 2008 while living in Spokane, WA, culling the creator gene inherited from a family of artists, musicians, and writers. She moved to East Wenatchee in 2014 and debuted her art in the 2015 NCW Juried Art Show at the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center. Her art has since been exhibited at BirdFest 2018 Exhibition, 2018 NCW Juried Art Show, and at Pybus Art Lovers Sunday.

What inspires you? 

Before I ever picked up a brush, I was drawn to the textures that paint creates on a canvas. I enjoy watching as each layer of paint develops the form and environment of the subject. Nature often inspires my work. Through my art I seek to reflect back to the world the beauty I find in nature and in humanity.

What inspired the artworks you submitted? 

The graceful Great Blue Heron is a stalwart of patience as it stands stock still waiting motionless scanning for prey. But don’t let the slow movements of its long stride and slow wing flaps fool you. The Great Blue Heron can strike its spear-like beak lightning quick!

What art style do you most identify with?  

My love of textures and the contrast in textures that visible brushstrokes provides leads me to a preference toward art work with a painterly style.

What is your favorite art medium?