Jen Walsh Fisher


Jen is an amateur photographer, so this isn’t her “day job.” She has enjoyed photography for many years and has explored aspects of photography while vacationing with her husband Richard. Trips to the Serengeti and the Galapagos, in particular, invigorated her passion for birds. She was amazed to see birds in the Galapagos that months later would arrive in her Washington state backyard. This inspired her to focus her photography on birding. As her “day job,” Jen works at Amazon.com, where she has been for 10 years. In her free time, you’ll find her hiking to Washington’s alpine lakes, skate skiing on our Nordic trails, as well as golfing and running.

What inspires you? 

Nature and observing wildlife, in particular birds, in their natural habitat inspires me. I am inspired by the seasonal aspects of birds. I love observing birds, such as House Wrens and Western Tanagers, return to Okanogan County in Spring. I’m humbled by the birds that stay year-round. The woodpeckers in my piece, which are the Hairy, Black-backed, White-headed Woodpeckers, the Red-naped Sapsucker, and the Northern Flicker, live in the North Cascades year-round. How they adapt to the seasonal changes, especially the chilly winters, inspires me.

What inspired the artworks you submitted? 

Woodpeckers remind me of new beginnings and of the importance of continuously adapting to our environment. After the fires in Okanogan and Chelan counties, I found inspiration watching woodpeckers find life in charred trees. These trees were still alive and had ample insects for woodpeckers to feed their young. It’s the circle of life. Woodpeckers are also a good reminder of observing what is beneath the surface. A dead tree isn’t dead; it’s full of life.

What art style do you most identify with?  

Photography. I enjoy printing my photographs on metal, given the clarity that comes through. I also love when the images are shadow mounted as it makes the image look like it is floating.

What is your favorite art medium? 

My favorite art medium is digital photography. My camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 with a 16 MP resolution MFT System (2x crop factor). My lens is a Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmar 100-400 mm (200-800mm 35MM equilavent). My images were taken and processed using the JPG format.