I’m a professional photographer based in Leavenworth, Washington, shooting consignment photography for a variety of clients, including many in the wine and fruit industry, taking photos of winemakers, winery & tasting room staff, wineries, vineyards, production, events, wine bottles, orchards, close up shots of apples, cherries, pears and apricots.

After graduating from the Cincinnati Design Academy, I moved to Chicago and worked as an Art Director and Producer at large advertising agencies, such as Leo Burnett and J. Walter Thompson. After hiring and working with many national photographers, and learning a lot from them along the way, I became inspired to become a professional photographer.

My initial photography interest was as a teenager, inspired by my aunt, who traveled the world, taking photos of the interesting, and beautiful places she visited. I enjoy taking photos of a wide variety of subjects, and photo styles, for my “photo art gallery” — from scenics, wildlife, travel, and people, to abstracts, selling many photos in the stock photography market.

What inspires you? 

Besides being inspired by family & friends, I’m inspired everyday by nature surrounding me. Living in paradise (Leavenworth, WA), I’m surrounded by the beauty of nature everyday. I’m usually have my camera with me, to capture nature while hiking, or even just taking a walk. I’m also inspired by travel, and experiencing the people and places across the globe. “Life is Good!” – even with COVID-19 putting a damper on things.

What inspired the artworks you submitted? 

A couple years ago I purchased a Sigma 150-500mm lens for a trip to Africa, and ever since then I’ve really had fun taking photos of birds. The 500mm lens allows me to capture birds doing what birds do, in their natural habitat, without interfering.

What art style do you most identify with?  

Photography — from scenics, wildlife, travel, and people, to abstracts