Classical Music At Icicle Creek

The music at the heart of Icicle Creek’s mission.

Strains of the divine

Before it was Icicle Creek Center for the Arts, it was called the Icicle Creek Music Center, a center built on the premise that the arts combined with the pristine, natural surroundings could inspire something even more beautiful. That still rings true, especially as the strains of a piano trio or a chamber quartet are spilling out across the wooded campus.

Upcoming at Icicle Creek Center for the Arts

Sundays at Icicle Creek: Korine Fujiwara, Hoorig Poochikian, Oksana Ejokina
Live Performances, Classical, In-person, Livestreamed
Feb 6 2:00pm, Feb 6 2:00pm

Korine Fujiwara, violin/viola; Hoorig Poochikian, violin; and Oksana Ejokina, piano perform works by Prokofiev, Rebecca Clarke, Cécile Chaminade and more! 

Sundays at Icicle Creek: Volta Piano Trio
Live Performances, Classical, In-person, Livestreamed
Apr 10 2:00pm, Apr 10 2:00pm

Jennifer Caine Provine, Sally Singer Tuttle, and Oksana Ejokina return to Canyon Wren Recital Hall!

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