Icicle Creek Artist Talk: Erin Nash, Chelsea Murphy & Mary Big Bull-Lewis
Streamed Wednesday, April 14 at 7 PM

Icicle Creek Artist Talk is a new virtual series from Icicle Creek where we interview artists of all kinds from around NCW to learn about their craft, processes, methods and artistic ideologies.

The series will stream regularly from our website, YouTube, and Facebook page.

Next up, Erin Nash, Chelsea Murphy, and Mary Big Bull-Lewis join us to discuss The Brave Space Project, a group of women-led creatives and outdoor enthusiasts seeking to redefine “outdoorsy” and reclaim belonging in the outdoors for Black, Indigenous and Women of Color (BIWOC).

“Our first film, Expedition Reclamation, is a short documentary highlighting 12 Washington-based BIWOC exploring their joyful, resilient, and transformative relationships to outdoor recreation. I truly believe the themes of reciprocity, connection, and belonging in this film have the power to foster collective, necessary healing for all outdoor lovers.”


APR 14 – Erin Nash, Chelsea Murphy, Mary Big Bull-Lewis


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