Icicle Creek Artist Talk: Marlin Peterson
Streamed Wednesday, June 16 at 7 PM

Welcome back to another Icicle Creek Artist Talk, this time with local artist Marlin Peterson! Filmed at Snowy Owl Theater at Icicle Creek Center for the Arts, Marlin is interviewed by fellow local artist Jane Zanol.

Marlin Peterson is a freelance illustrator and muralist from Wenatchee, WA. Marlin enjoys working with a wide array of clients ranging from mural commissions to logos to graphics for magazines and books. Marlin also teaches drawing, illustration, science illustration, and muraling at Wenatchee Valley College. When not imagining larger and taller walls to mural on, Marlin enjoys bikepacking, ping pong, disc golf, and international travel with his family. He is currently raising his 2 young boys, Chess and Kip, with his lovely wife Christine.

Icicle Creek Artist Talk is a virtual series from Icicle Creek where we interview artists of all kinds from around NCW to learn about their craft, processes, methods and artistic ideologies. The series streams regularly from our website, YouTube, and Facebook page.


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