Icicle Creek Artist Talk: Jeff Ostenson
Streamed Wednesday, February 24 at 7 PM

Icicle Creek Artist Talk is a new virtual series from Icicle Creek where we interview artists of all kinds from around NCW to learn about their craft, processes, methods and artistic ideologies!

The series will stream monthly from our website, YouTube, and Facebook page.

Our Next interview is with Jeff Ostenson, Executive Producer at North 40 with Rufus Woods conducting the interview.  We’ll dive into the mind of Jeff and learn what drives him while making films. Jeff ensures that the fine balance between art and purpose is maintained. Sometimes friend, therapist, task master, mentor and devil’s advocate, he manages the challenging task of reaching project goals while letting the creative voices be heard.


Icicle Creek Artist Talk: Austin J. Smith
Streamed Wednesday, January 27 at 7 PM

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