Abstract Expression in States of Flow
With Artist Austin J Smith
July 2020

Discover a new depth in your creative potential with your own innate superpower. Artist Austin J Smith is excited to share some of his discoveries as an abstract artist. This energetic course will help demystify your ability to access flow states and will explore your ability to enrich your work and life experiences. This course will give you practical tools and exercises to fan your creative sparks into flames and stimulate personal growth, discovery and transformation.

My name is Austin Joaquin Smith. I am a professional artist committed to multimedia creative expression currently based in the Pacific Northwest. My artwork aims to create an emotive dialogue and engage the viewer poetically. Abstraction has given me a way of seeing the world and empowers me to explore my curiosities and communicate more intuitively. I am intrigued by light, dimensional space and how art has the power to communicate both consciously and unconsciously. My commissioned work can be primarily found in both public and private art collections in the Pacific Northwest.

WEEK ONE LESSON PDF: Art Abstractionism in States of Flow




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