S. Henry Hettick

Theater Program

S. Henry Hettick, Artistic Director of Theater, been a working professional director, actor, set designer, and teacher of theater and acting on five continents. His work as an actor, mostly on the west coast, and some in the east and overseas has been as diverse as Charlie in The Foreigner, Iago in Othello, Gloucester in King Lear, Willie Lowman in Death of a Salesman, and Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady. As a director, he was the artistic director of a very successful music theater company for more than a decade and has directed over 60 productions in genre as diverse as Shakespeare, theater of the absurd, American realism, French restoration, music theater, and Commedia del Arte. He has designed and created sets at all levels of theater and for myriad shows.

While most of his work has been done on stage he has film and TV credits that include America’s Most Wanted, Northern Exposure and the film, Passion Flower. Henry has taught acting workshops and theater classes in the U.S., Venezuela, China, Morocco, Korea, and the Dominican Republic. Henry has an MA and is a doctoral candidate in Theater and a contributor to theater education journals. He also is a published and produced playwright of both childrens’ and adult plays.